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Blathnaid Treacy: 'Electric Picnic will be a dream compared to black slugs in Thailand'


Balthnaid Treacy

Balthnaid Treacy

Balthnaid Treacy

TwoTube will return to screens on September 7 and presenter Blathnaid Treacy will also be back doing live coverage from Electric Picnic.

While she'll be a busy bee next month, the 26-year-old had an incredible summer, which included a month-long trip to Thailand with her boyfriend Charlie.

"We had the most amazing time and there were lots of stories to tell when we came home," she said.

Travelling can be far from glamorous, which Blathnaid learned when they almost got stranded on a beach one night.

"We decided to go to this secluded beach by going through a jungle, but the path wasn't great and there were lots of overgrown plants and monkeys everywhere," she said.

"We got there eventually and it was absolutely gorgeous with a beautiful bar and lots of pool tables, but it was dark and we had no way of getting back."

They eventually decided to wade back across the bay, but they had to deal with "giant black slugs" under their feet.

"The water was filled with 'water cucumbers', which are giant black slugs that spill their guts when you step on them," she said.

"It was so gross and I was so relieved when we got back safely with no injured feet," she added.


Meanwhile, the plot has thickened around RTE's rumoured new show Bounce.

2fm DJ Eoghan McDermott, model Madeline Mulqueen and TV presenter Ruth O'Neill have all been linked to the entertainment and showbiz show that has been in talks for three years now.

However, Ruth (27) - who recently moved home from LA - was spotted meeting Xpose producers at Ballymount a few weeks ago.

TV3's flagship entertainment programme are on the look out for fresh faces as anchor Karen Koster will be working part-time from September.

Blathnaid Treacy - who has also been linked to the show - said she didn't know much about it.

"To be honest, I haven't heard a huge amount about Bounce," she told the Diary.

However, the TwoTube star said she's confident it would do well if it goes to air.

"It sounds like an awesome show and I can't wait to see it," she said.

When asked if she would like to work on the new show she said: "I'm happy where I am and I have exciting things to announce in the coming weeks."