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birthday girl Faith bags a treat

TOP model Faith Barnett is used to staving off sugar for her career on the runway, but the beauty allowed herself to indulge in some tasty treats this week.

Dubliner Faith has to stay trim for her hectic life on the catwalk but yesterday she enjoyed the sunshine in the Phoenix Park to celebrate turning 34.

“I was doing a press call for Bloom in the Park, but the clients were really sweet and bought me a box of cupcakes to mark it, which I wasn’t expecting at all,” Faith told the Diary.

The leggy AR model started the festivities early with a fun-filled trip to see One Direction in action at Croke Park on Sunday and is heading out on the town with pal Gail Kaneswaran this weekend.

“I don’t really have too much planned, at 34 it’s just going to be laid back - a night of fun with my friends but nothing major,” she said.

Even though she’s toasting the occasion in low key fashion, Faith insisted a shopping trip is on the cards.

“I’ve decided I’m going to buy myself a very nice bag and some jewellery,” she added.