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biggest party ever

On Friday May 8, it will be 70 years since Winston Churchill announced the Second World War in Europe was over, prompting Britain to throw the biggest street party the country has ever seen. David Attenborough, Bruce Forsyth, Miriam Margolyes and June Whitfield are just a few of the well-known figures sharing their memories of the end of the conflict. Narrated by Julie Walters, with contributions from others including Johnny Ball, Honor Blackman, Jilly Cooper, John Craven, Cleo Laine, Kenny Lynch, Michael Parkinson, Leslie Phillips, Anne Reid, Esther Rantzen, Patrick Stewart and Una Stubbs.


the stranger on the bridge

ch4, 9.00

On January 14, 2008, Jonny Benjamin went to Waterloo Bridge with the intention of taking his own life, but a stranger stopped and managed to talk him down. Jonny was subsequently taken to hospital by the police, and never had the chance to thank the Good Samaritan he named Mike. Six years later, he launched the 'Finding Mike' social-media campaign to track the man down the real 'Mike' for an emotional meeting.

sink or slim


TV3, 7.00

(2014, Documentary) Premiere. Documentary continuing the story of Joe Cross, who spent 60 days living on fresh fruit and vegetable juice in an attempt to lose weight. He embarks on a journey to meet people who have been inspired by his story to make drastic changes to their own lifestyle and consults with experts on ways to live healthily.

war on the cobbles


UTV, 7.30 & 8.30

Callum's continued presence at No 8 makes David so furious, he bundles Lily and Max into a cab and leaves Weatherfield - but where will they go? Billy is also angry - news of his and Sean's relationship has made the headlines, and he's worried about how his ultra-conservative Bishop will react. Plus, Todd tells the council that Mary's campervan is a hazard and Steve finds a dog in the back of his cab.

Elsewhere, Nick is horrified by David's decision to abscond with the children a fortnight before the custody hearing, while a furious Callum issues him with a warning - bring Max back, or else. Mary wrongly accuses Julie of reporting her to the council and Billy lies to the Bishop, saying he has ended his relationship with Sean.

(2009, Movie/Drama) A middle-class family take in a hulking homeless teenager, who has no education or skills to speak of. The indomitable wife encourages him to turn his life around, helping him to get the grades he needs for a college scholarship and hone his sporting skills to become an American football player. Fact-based drama, starring an Oscar-winning Sandra Bullock alongside Quinton Aaron and Tim McGraw.