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Beth Cooke:Beth Of Fresh Air

She's a city girl, but actress Beth Cooke loves to be by the sea, as she tells Emma Blain

Cooking: Richard Corrigan or ready made?

I make food myself.

Wardrobe: Penneys or Prada?

Penneys, but most of my wardrobe is vintage.

Fashion: victim or setter?

I'm not a victim, but I don't expect anyone else to follow my style either.

Shopping: twice a season or twice a week?

I tend to pick up pieces as I go along.

Holidays: Discover Ireland or discover the world?

I've seen quite a lot of Ireland; I go over a lot. I'm just back from Skibbereen -- I spent ten days there over New Year.

Drink: Guinness or Grey Goose?

I would have wine, or maybe cocktails, as my drink of choice.

Friends: quality or quantity?

I only have about ten friends who are 'real' friends -- people I would phone if I was in trouble.

Weekends: down the local or cruising Krystle?

Down the local; I definitely don't go to posh nightclubs.

Beauty regime: one minute or one hour?

One minute, but that's because I have a tendency to be late.

Money: rainy day or live for today?

I wish I saved, but I don't.

Commute: public transport or pay the meter?

Public transport.

Property: smell the sea or see the smog?

I find the sea calming. In a perfect world I would have both.

Pets: dog devotee or cat crusader?


Health: alternative or aspirin?

I don't know enough about alternative medicine to say I'd choose that. So, at the moment I'd probably go for aspirin.

Location: Northside Notable or Southside Star?

I'm from London, so I'm neither but I'd say Northside because it's more 'down'.

Technology: techno savvy or technophobe?

Technophobe. I have a Facebook account but I don't spend long on it.

Reading: chick-lit or not in a fit?

At the moment I'm reading Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe.

On your iPod: Beyoncé or Bach?

I actually do have both on my iPod.

TV: reality TV drama or real TV drama?

I was into The X Factor last year, but I've given up on it now. Of course, I like drama, but there's not a lot of it on.

Beth Cooke is starring in Haunted which opens in The Gaiety on February 4th. www.gaietytheatre.ie