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Baz and I didn't stand a chance with such a tough time slot - Lucy

PRESENTER Lucy Kennedy has insisted that even top DJ Chris Evans would have found her axed weekend morning slot a tough gig.

The chatty host's Saturday and Sunday show alongside pal Baz Ashmawy has been scrapped by RTE bosses.


The 34-year-old admitted that even BBC radio legend Chris Evans would have struggled to keep up the listenership if he were in her shoes.

"At one stage I was pitching that we pre-recorded the first hour of the show from 7am til 8am, because we were literally dragging people out of bed. It was a really, really hard task," she told the Herald.

"I think if Chris Evans had done it he wouldn't have had much more luck. I wonder how well we would've done Monday to Friday instead, on a better time," she said.

Mum-of-two Lucy revealed that while she is extremely sad and disappointed to see the programme get the chop, she understands that "no-one is untouchable".

The Sandycove native suspected that the programme's future might be in jeopardy as RTE scramble to scale back costs.