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Battling Jane survives Apprentice axe

IRISH Apprentice hopeful Jane McEvoy has escaped Alan Sugar's boardroom by the skin of her teeth.

The businesswoman was close to being axed by the boss who was extremely unhappy with her management of the project.

She ended up in a heated battle for survival with Jenna Whittingham and Maria O'Connor who was ultimately axed because she fell asleep during the task. The Kilkenny woman's team, Sterling, lost out to rivals Phoenix on the weekly show.

The teams were challenged with creating a useful household appliance which they attempted to sell to online and high street retailers. But afterwards Sugar fumed: "Let's face it, it was a mess in there."

Although Jane gave a good presentation, there were problems with her team's financial calculations which left the prospective buyers scratching their heads. The team created Splish Splash -- a children's bathroom accessory -- which failed to sell as many units as their rivals' compost crushing device.

Determined Jane was keen to get stuck in to the challenge and offered herself as project manager almost immediately. But she was criticised afterwards for the quantities she tried to sell to online retail giants Amazon.

"I don't think there's a product in history where a million pieces have been ordered initially by one single retailer," Sugar said.

Next week's task, which will see the contestants attempt to create a new condiment, should be right down Jane's street as she owns food production company Family Foods in Tipperary.