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Baby Sadie is my dream shoot – celeb photographer

IT'S time to ditch the soother and get ready for her close-up.

Sadie O'Driscoll may be barely a month old but Ireland's answer to Suri Cruise is already a baby in demand.

Celebrity photographer Barry McCall wants Amy Huberman and Brian O'Driscoll's bouncing baby to be the subject of his next photoshoot.

Barry has photographed Threesome star Amy Huberman (33) and Brian O'Driscoll (34) several times and said he would love to take a series of the new parents with their baby daughter.

"I would love to photograph all of them together," Barry, who has photographed some of Ireland's biggest names including Colin Farrell, Pierce Brosnan and Saoirse Ronan, told The Herald.

"Absolutely. I have worked with Amy and Brian so many times before and I'm sure baby Sadie is absolutely gorgeous."

But just in case baby Sadie can't find time to schedule a shoot, photographer Barry says he's prepared to settle for Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain.

"I'd love to photograph Jessica Chastain with her shocking red hair," said Barry, who was speaking at the launch of the Westport Festival.

"Any of the big name actors are always great – they really do have that X Factor. And that makes them fantastic subjects."

McCall is a big fan of the silver screen and is known for his vintage looking portraits and has photographed some of Tinsel Town's biggest stars. "I love that old Hollywood magic.

"I like getting the character. I try to figure out who they are and capture some of that character in the photograph. Some of the twinkle in their eye. I watch how they move and their expressions."