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Awkward for Kelly as ex at premiere with new girlfriend

IRELAND'S A and Z-listers were out in force for the premiere of World War Z at the Savoy Cinema.

The foyer was crowded as cinema-goers clamoured in to catch Brad Pitt in the action zombie flick.

Love/Hate's Charlie Murphy brought her older brother Martin and models Roz Purcell (inset) and Daniella Moyles chatted before picking up their tickets.

Indie band Royseven seemed suitably psyched as they walked the red carpet and TV presenters Sinead Kennedy and Blaithnaid Tracy posed for the cameras.

But all eyes were on Tallafornia star Kelly Donegan.

The 23-year-old, below, suffered every woman's nightmare when her ex Dave Behan showed up with a new woman on his arm.

Dave looked as pleased as punch as he wrapped his arm around Grace Dooley leaving cinema-goers wondering what Kelly's reaction might be.

But they needn't have worried.

"Kelly handled it really well, it could have been awkward," said one on-looker.