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Aussies go wild for Mrs Brown tour tickets


MASSIVE HIT: Brendan O’Carroll is huge Down Under

MASSIVE HIT: Brendan O’Carroll is huge Down Under

MASSIVE HIT: Brendan O’Carroll is huge Down Under

BRENDAN O'Carroll has announced that the entire cast of Mrs Brown's Boys will tour Australia next year after his sitcom pulled nearly a million viewers down under.

The comedy is one of most popular entertainment shows on Australian TV at the moment and pulled in over 963,000 viewers last Thursday night for network Channel Seven.

But next year Aussies will have a chance to get up close and personal with Mrs Brown when the Dublin matriarch and the entire cast tour Australian cities on a specially constructed stage, complete with big screen projections.

Promoters sold out the 275,000 tickets for the 10- week tour in just one day when they went on sale last week.

"I'm bigger Down Under than I thought," Brendan O'Carroll told the Herald, admitting surprise at his Australian success.

Speaking about his Australian arena tour, he said: "I'm planning to go everywhere – Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, Adelaide, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane.



"I'm going to the other end of the world for a visit to all my Australian friends.

"I'm going to get myself a boomerang and I'm going to feck it in the air."

Such is the popularity of Agnes Brown Down Under, that the 57-year-old recently welcomed a film crew from Channel Seven to Dublin for a Mrs Brown-themed tour.

The Australian crew visited Moore Street, Sean McDermott Street, and Gardiner Street with Brendan as he pointed out local sights and rubbed shoulders with real-life Mrs Browns.

"We got one of the nicest days of the year with the sun beating down.

"The Aussie's seemed to believe it was like this in Dublin all the time, I had to say this really isn't Irish weather. You should have been here last week," Brendan said.

The teams is currently rehearsing two Christmas specials in BBC Glasgow, with the BBC in Scotland receiving over 40,000 applications for the 450 audience places at each recording.

Shooting will begin on a $6m Universal movie, provisional title Mrs Brown De' Filum, at Shepperton Studios in August.