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Yvonne's in the driving seat as Ronan battles to come home

A stony-faced Yvonne Keating has shown there is no softening of the stand-off between the former model and her shamed husband.

The Boyzone star and his estranged wife spent a tense moment together in the glare of media cameras last night as Yvonne dropped their youngest daughter Ali off at the house from a visit to friends.

Yvonne (36) later took the dogs out for a walk, showing no signs of the emotional toll of the past week.

Ronan has only spent brief spells at the couple's luxury Malahide home and has not stayed overnight since the couple announced the end of their 12-year marriage.

The singer's brother Gary has said he believes the pair can put aside their difficulties and stay together. He said: "It has been tough but they'll both get through it. Its none of my business so I don't want to say anything more about it.

"He has more things to be worrying about than what I say. I just hope it will all die down soon. There have been people sitting outside the house since last weekend".


Gary's wife Valerie said Ronan was "as well as can be expected. It has not been easy but it isn't something we want to talk about."

After spending most of yesterday playing golf with his three children at the K Club, Ronan returned to the family home yesterday evening. However, the couple spent little time together as Yvonne left shortly after the singer arrived.

Ronan came out to bring Ali inside and Yvonne immediately drove off again with daughter Marie in the back passenger seat.

An hour later, she returned and the couple spent about an hour together inside the house before Ronan left for the night in his black Land Rover just after 8.30pm.

Yvonne does not seem in the mood for crisis talks to save their relationship, which has been rocked by allegations of a seven-month fling between Ronan and backing dancer Francine Cornell (26). He has been staying at an apartment in the exclusive K Club resort 43km from the family home on Dublin's northside since the news became public. Earlier his morning, Ronan took the children to school in his car. He declined to make any comment to waiting media, but reversed through the electronic gates before driving away without stopping. He is due to leave for a three-month stint in Australia on June 22 to appear as a judge on the X Factor. Sources claim he had hoped to take the family to Portugal for the next few weeks to work out their problems away from the media glare. Yvonne, however, is understood to have indicated to friends that, as far as she is concerned, the marriage is over.