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Yvonne's down with the kids ... on Skype, txt and Instagram


Yvonne Keating

Yvonne Keating

SINGER: Ronan Keating with  children, Jack, Missy and Ali.

SINGER: Ronan Keating with children, Jack, Missy and Ali.


Yvonne Keating

SHE'S down with the kids.

Yvonne Keating has revealed that she has become very technologically savvy in recent times, as it has helped her family cope easier with her marriage breakdown.

The 40-year-old, who announced her split from estranged husband Ronan Keating in 2011, said that she now finds technology "absolutely brilliant". It helps her keep in touch with her children when they are away with their father.

"I do wonder how separated families coped years ago without all the technology, but it is absolutely brilliant."


"It means the kids can Skype me, text me, email me. We follow each other on Instagram, so they might put up a picture I haven't seen," she said.

The mother-of-three said that her three children – Jack (14), Missy (12) and Ali (8) – are currently spending time with their father, who is on tour with his band Boyzone.

"I won't see them until Sunday, they are going to Belfast and then they have a ball in London tomorrow night. They are busy little people," she said.

"I miss them terribly when they go away as well."

The model revealed that she has enjoyed the past year, which has seen her inundated with work and offers since she participated in 'Celebrity Masterchef'.

"I'm having a really great time. I haven't really been that ambitious about it, but obviously the kids are my priority.

"I did consider it over the years, and kind of missed it a little bit, but my priority was them, and they were at a very young age. And we travelled a lot. It just wouldn't have worked out. I think everything has just fell into place, it just seems like the right time to do it."