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Yvonne moves into cheater Ronan's bachelor pad -- but they sleep in separate rooms

RONAN and Yvonne Keating moved into his new bachelor pad over the weekend -- but are sleeping in separate rooms.

It is understood the estranged couple are currently living together in the apartment inside a gated complex, The Casino in Malahide, along with their three children, Jack (11), Marie (10) and four-year-old Ali.

Yvonne and the children are in the process of moving in to a second property in the Abington estate in Malahide, which builders are working to finish.

However, they are now sharing Ronan's apartment for a few days until he jets off to Australia for his new role as a judge in The X Factor.

While they might be living under the same roof, friends of the couple say that they are sleeping in separate rooms.

The apartment has underfloor heating and boasts unrivalled views of a "secret garden" -- but Ronan's new pad is worlds away from his new family home.

Builders are adding the finishing touches to their new mansion in the Abington estate in Malahide, where their current home is also located.

Slightly larger in size, the newly constructed three-storey house comes with six bedrooms, a gym, an extensive balcony and 10 rooms downstairs.

After it emerged that the Boyzone singer cheated on his wife of 11 years with dancer Francine Cornell, Ronan moved into the apartment in Malahide's upmarket The Casino development. It's located across the road from Malahide Castle and Demesne, and is a short distance away from the picturesque village.

Rent for two-bed apartments in the gated residential complex start at €1,400. Our pictures show the interior of one such apartment. And while there is little doubt that this is state-of-the-art development, it can't compete with the dream home he was expecting to move into with Yvonne and their three children.

However, it will bring more privacy for a family trying to stay out of the spotlight.