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Yvonne keeps it all in the family with new parenting TV show


Yvonne Keating with  Missy. Photo: Tony Gavin

Yvonne Keating with Missy. Photo: Tony Gavin

Yvonne Keating with Missy. Photo: Tony Gavin

YVONNE Keating will be stepping in front of the camera shortly for a new RTE show on parenting.

The glamorous socialite has revealed how she's one of the celebrity mentors in The Family Project.

But Yvonne (40) reckons she'll be the one taking the advice as she tries her best to do her part.

"It's about setting projects for families that are struggling with everyday struggles and then setting them projects to help them help themselves.

"Then I go in and other high-profile people go in to try and help them," she said.

"I think they'll end up helping me or giving me advice! It's everyday problems, worrying about kids, education, the usual stresses of daily life.


"I'm excited. I'm worried I might give someone the wrong advice because obviously I don't have all the answers."

Made by Animo TV, she's taking part in one of four shows, which sees three other celebrities advising a different family each week.

Yvonne added: "I know the family is a single mum I'm going to meet in Wexford and I don't know if she has a lot of support around her.

"Sometimes it's not what you say, it's listening and for her, knowing there's other people around her going through the same thing maybe."

It's been a busy time for the mum-of-three, who's on the Late Late Show tonight with daughter Missy (14) whose new movie, The Sea, will be released next week. She's doing so well. She spent a good year doing three different movies.

"Now she's getting to see the more glamorous side of it, the red carpet and going on TV shows and getting dressed up," said Yvonne.

"There's two totally different sides to the business so it's nice for her to get the payoff in the end."


This week saw Yvonne joining forces with HB as they launched Quality Time Together, aimed at encouraging parents to see more of their families. And she said her heart goes out to full-time working mums.

She reckons that all parents "suffer from guilt" and try to juggle as much things as they can, often to mixed results. In one way, I'm lucky that I'm back to work now and it's fantastic in that you can be really busy one week and have lots of time the next week.

"But I'm still running a full-time kitchen, a full-time taxi service and doing all the sports and school stuff and different activities.

"I don't know how full-time mums do it. I take my hat off to working mums because when my kids are smaller, I didn't work and you just run around like a lunatic all day.

"You'd like to feel sorry for yourself but then you realise, everyone does it. It's not rocket science it's just trying to find the time for everything."