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Yummy mum Alison's scare as little James Joseph takes ill at airport

Model Alison Canavan was left reeling when her four-and-a-half-month-old baby James Joseph became seriously ill at the airport.

The Herald can exclusively reveal how the glamorous yummy mummy suffered a serious shock when her adorable tot started having breathing problems and changed colour.

The worried mum is now arranging medical tests for her little son.

"That's the third time this has happened and it's terrifying," Alison told the Herald. "It happened on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve as well. He just stopped breathing the other day. He was gone completely purple.

"He's teething at the moment and basically he threw up through his mouth and the food had settled.


"While you or I would know to spit it out, he didn't do anything.

"He doesn't fight it at all, that's what's really frightening. I've been to the doctor with him and obviously we're doing all the right things.

"I'm going to get them to run some tests to find out what's causing it."

Alison (31) had just picked up her close pal AJ Celi, star of E! Entertainment's Married To Rock fame at Dublin airport on Monday when the terrifying incident occurred.

She said it was a huge comfort to have her long-time friend by her side for support.

Thankfully, airport police and medical staff were quick to come to the rescue and the high-profile pair were able to take baby James home shortly afterwards.

However, Alison admits that she is still extremely wary of leaving him behind when she goes out and is desperate to get to an answer to what is causing the problem.

"I would really recommend that every new mum do a first-aid course because even if you know what to do if an adult gets sick, it's a completely different story with a tiny baby," she added.

The Morgan the Agency beauty went on to explain how she was reluctant to travel back to her adopted home of New York with her young son until he has the all clear.

According to Alison: "That's the reason I haven't got on a plane with him to go back to New York. I don't want to take any chances on a long haul flight. I hate leaving him alone for even one night because I'm worrying about him constantly.


"Myself and AJ went for dinner at Conrad Gallagher's new restaurant on Wednesday night but I found it difficult to switch off and stop worrying about him.

"Thank God for my mum, she is my lifeline. I couldn't do it without her." Meanwhile the Castleknock beauty's friend AJ, who dated The Cult guitarist Billy Duffy for two years, says she has really bonded with James during her visit.

The bubbly blonde admits she's not feeling too broody however after seeing what being a full-time mum entails.

AJ is due to jet to Glasgow this afternoon to reunite with her other half Billy on tour and says she has thoroughly enjoyed her second visit to Dublin.