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'You're so cute' Rihanna tells her number one Dublin fan

Dublin's number one Rihanna fan has spoken of his joy after getting the rare opportunity to meet his idol -- twice in one week.

Jamie Kelly (21) from Rathfarnham, who says he is the Barbadian star's biggest supporter, said he is more besotted than ever with her after the Umbrella singer remembered him from their first encounter a few days previously.

"I still can't believe I met her, not once but twice now. It's been a very surreal week and a dream come true," Jamie told the Herald.

And not only did the gorgeous R&B singer remember Jamie, she also went to the trouble of finding out his name from the web.

"The second time I met her was on Tuesday and I was waiting outside the Clarence Hotel with my friend Ciara Ward. When she eventually came out to meet fans on her way to her car, I somehow managed to thrust a photo of myself at her, which I had literally just gotten printed. She then came over to me and said, "Oh hey Jamie".

"I couldn't believe it and I asked her how she knew my name because I never got to tell her the first time we met. She said she saw my photo and little note about her on the fan website rihannadaily.com.

"She said 'you're so cute, would you like me to sign the picture for you?'. I was so happy I couldn't believe she remembered my name; it really was the best experience of my life. She is so down-to-earth and a really nice person. I love her so much."

The singer has been spotted all over Dublin after spending almost one week here.