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You're not snapping my baby, she's all mine - Lucy

PRESENTER Lucy Kennedy has insisted she won't be letting her children get in front of the cameras, because they're the only thing she has to herself.

The RTE host told the Diary that she has zero interest in embracing photocalls with her kids and doesn't want her baby girl Holly to be pictured.

The mum-of-two said: "I'm not judging anyone who does bring their children to photo calls or allow them to be pictured, it's just not for me.

"Personally, I thought because I am in the public eye for the past eight years, everyone knows everything about me, there's very little left that's just for me. That's what my babies are, just for me," said Lucy (34).


"I don't really like seeing pictures of people with their children the whole time, inevitably it's their parents who are famous not them, so why should they have to [suffer]. But that's just me. I don't want anyone to think that I'm judging them."

Although she posed with her toddler Jack for VIP magazine nearly two years ago, the Sandycove native insisted it was a "once off" situation.

"I did that for the grandparents because Jack was the first grandchild. That was a once off. It's not as if I've done U-turn with Holly, but Jack was nine months at that stage and it really was a big deal for the family when he arrived, because he was the first. He's never been pictured for newspapers and that won't change.

"I'm a protective mother, my kids are mine and I like to keep them both private and safe," Lucy added.

The bubbly broadcaster and her colleague Baz Ashmawy have joined anchors Maura Derrane and Daithi O'Se to hear that their programme at Montrose has been given the axe due to budget constraints.

Lucy admitted that while she's disappointed the slot will not return, it was thanks to her work in the radio studio that developed her fondness for the airwaves.

"It's scary times, but the good thing is that I now know I love radio and I can drive a [production] desk. I'm going to definitely continue doing that kind of work."

The former Livin' With Lucy presenter has been approached by a number of rival stations over the past two years while on the airwaves at Montrose.

"Out of loyalty to 2fm I didn't speak to any of them and at least now I can. Hopefully those who were interested still are.

"I've had a fantastic time in 2fm and I'd definitely go back if something else came up in the future for me. I'm so grateful to them all in there, everyone was great."