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Youngsters here just want to be famous, says voice coach

IRISH youngsters are hungry for fame but unwilling to put in the hard graft, according to a top voice coach.

Tine Verbeke – who has worked with both U2 and The Script – said that there are rising numbers of children who are desperate to become stars.

But she said that few anticipate the level of commitment and work ethic that is needed to make it in the music industry.

"People always wanted to be musicians, there is nothing new there, but you do become aware that some of the kids you are talking to want to be 'a star'," she told the Herald.

"Very quickly they get brought down to earth. There are so many people who are a flash in the pan.

"But talent and hard work – that will keep you at the top."

However, Tine said that fame and success should only be by-products of music passion.

"When you talk to Bono, Christy Moore, Danny (O'Donoghue) – they cannot talk about anything else but music, they are obsessed with music, they work their socks off to be involved in it."

Originally from Belgium, the singer moved to Ireland over 30 years ago to learn English and said that she "fell in love" with the country.

This month she was part of a series of masterclasses at the CIT Cork School of Music, The Academy of Popular Music alongside musical director of The Voice Of Ireland, David Hayes.

Tine said that over 300 members of the public, students and children attended, and she insisted that it is possible to teach anyone how to sing.

"Of course you can teach anyone how to sing, but at the same time, you can only improve what they've got."