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You'd be a great mum, Jolie tells shocked Jen in letter

Angelina Jolie is reported to have added insult to injury after allegedly sending a letter to rival Jennifer Aniston, telling her she would make a "wonderful mother".

The 35-year-old Oscar winner, who is raising six children with Jennifer's former husband Brad Pitt, has apparently decided to reach out to the actress in an attempt to ease their relationship.

However, the 41-year-old Friends actress, who has no children of her own, is said to have been "beyond shocked".

"Angelina doesn't want any more bad energy in her life and she hates the hostility that exists between her and Jen," a source revealed. "She genuinely wants to put the past behind them.

"It takes her a long time to work up the courage, but she's coming from a good place and genuinely wants to put the past behind them."

The source added: "It may seem crazy but for those of us who actually know Angelina, it really isn't all that surprising.


"She's an unpredictable character, so for her to reach out to Jen like this is just the sort of behaviour she's known for."

A friend also explained that Angelina's letter contained words of encouragement for Jen. "In the note, Angie tells Jen she would make a wonderful mother and that she's at the perfect age and time of her life to have her first child," the source said.

Brad Pitt (46), who has three children with his Mr & Mrs Smith co-star, is said to be supporting his partner's effort to end the long-running feud.

Friends of Jennifer said that the celebrity first thought the letter was a prank.

"Still, when Jen realised Angie's letter was sincere and genuine, she actually went from shocked to being impressed.

"Being a mature person, Jen must have recognised how much of an effort it was on Angie's part to have gone through with the letter."