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You won't catch me in a wedding dress - Sonya


Sonya Lennon

Sonya Lennon

Sonya Lennon

Fashion designer and tech entrepreneur Sonya Lennon and her partner David Smith celebrated their 20th anniversary over the weekend.

The couple have two children together - twins Evie and Finn (9) - but have never felt the need to get married.

"For me I just don't see the need for it, we have a home and two kids and are very committed to each other, I don't know what we'd gain from it," Sonya told the Herald.

"If I had a big lump of cash, I don't think that's what I would spend it on.

"Our children are quite sanguine about it - it doesn't bother them. I just don't feel the need for it and I quite like the independence," she added.

Sonya, who not only has her own clothing line, Lennon Courtney, but also runs Frock Advisor and Dress for Success, previously said that juggling family and a business isn't easy.

"It is really, really difficult. To say it isn't would be a complete lie," she said.

"There are plenty of times I wish I was lying in a park enjoying the sun, or at home watching a film with the kids, but this is what I do.


"But I have taken on this for my family. It's for all of us. I have to provide for them," she added.

Frock Advisor is a dedicated social platform for fashion fans and connects shoppers to their favourite stores.

"Frock advisor is going to launch in the UK in February during London Fashion Week and it's been endorsed by the British Fashion Council, so it's very exciting times," Sonya revealed.