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You want breasts? I give you Buddha

MOD's parting words to me before he sped off in his emerald-jewelled Maserati with Sinead O'Connor (off to a snooker club from what I could hear above the engine's roar) was: "The picture editor loves breasts."


Well, he's in luck. Buddha made a welcome appearance in the Sunday Independent yesterday.

Eoghan Harris, in a column otherwise dominated by his aversion to 'wasted' RTE trips to troubled hot spots or 'Locationism') reminded us: "Buddha taught a bleak but bracing truth. Life is suffering. The root cause of suffering is our ego, which encourages us to grasp at the twin ghosts of hope and fear. This entanglement hides the reality of our true nature."

The serenity couldn't last: "He also taught that bad habits are usually beloved habits.

"Or as Shakespeare says, it is hard to root out 'one fond offence'.

"Like locationism..."