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You have been a very naughty boy Michael but I forgive you, says Bosco

BELOVED Irish puppet Bosco has accepted an apology from organisers of the TVNow Awards after being snubbed at the star-studded ceremony.

Paula Lambert, the acclaimed puppeteer behind the red-haired character, said that she accepts an "unfortunate oversight" led to her and Bosco being left off the guest list at the Mansion House despite being nominated for a top gong.

Paula, who is the daughter of the late legendary puppet master Eugene Lambert, wasn't even aware Bosco was nominated for the Inaugural Hall of Fame award.

"I'm not overly hurt by it but it would have been nice to be invited.

"My daughter rang Liveline because she was upset that none of us even knew that Bosco was nominated.

"It would have been lovely to hear that after all this time and I also heard that Wanderly Wagon was also in the top 25 so it would have been nice if they had paid tribute to my dad."

A total of 25 short-listed programmes were put forward for a public vote and the top five favourites battled it out for the top prize on the night, which went to the late Gerry Ryan.

Publisher of TVNow Michael O'Doherty admitted that all five nominees, including Paula, should have been present on Saturday night.


"We simply forgot to invite her and we should have done. Unfortunately it was just a complete and honest oversight.

"Next year we will definitely make sure to invite Paula and a guest.

"Unfortunately we can't guarantee she will be up for anything but the Hall of Fame will honour somebody from now on who has had a special place in Irish TV and I would like to think a show like Bosco will be commemorated at some point," he added.

The hugely popular children's series was created for RTE in 1978 but ran on The Den until 1998. A DVD of the series has gone seven times platinum since its release.

Paula said that she accepted the apology and is looking forward to the red carpet next year.

"I will of course go next year if I'm invited. Michael was just saying it was an oversight but there were an awful lot of people not nominated for an award that were there.

"I would love to see Bosco inducted into the Hall of Fame. I love Bosco and I love what I'm doing now, doing shows all over the country, but it would be great to make some new episodes of Bosco and bring it to a new generation.

"It's great that people are still besotted with Bosco. I still use him all the time and he still goes down a treat with children and adults.

"It's nostalgia for a lot of people but the kids that never knew him from telly now really like him."

Bosco added: "I was really sad not to be invited. I don't know why they didn't let me go. Maybe they didn't invite me because it would have been too late at night and they thought I would have been tired.

"Of course, I'll go again if I'm invited because I love parties and it would be great to meet all the famous people."