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You get €600,000 for 11 hours a week, audience member rants at Pat Kenny in show tirade

PAT KENNY was left reeling for the second week in a row after he was personally ridiculed on his new RTE show.

The best paid presenter in RTE was verbally attacked in an astonishing tirade from a member of the audience as he interviewed Family Affairs Minister Mary Hanafin.

Suddenly the man, who also verbally attacked union leader David Begg during last Friday’s protest day, launched an incredible three-minute tirade against the broadcaster.

He criticised Kenny and called him a “hypocrite” and attacked him over his overinflated wages and his “moralising and pontificating”.

The encounter occurred half way through the live show as Kenny and Minister Mary Hanafin spoke about the social welfare budget.

The man began yelling at Kenny at the top of his voice and it continued till he was led away.

“You don’t have the moral right to stand for the people,” the man raged.

“It’s you Pat Kenny who gets €600,000 a year for doing 11 hours a week and you have the indignity to speak about people on the social welfare.

“You pontificate against ministers and their corrupt system.

Your RTE and the elite top 20 paid do not deserve the money they get and you need to be confronted for your moralising and your hypocrisy.

He added: “€600,000 and at the boomtime you were earning €900,000 – for RTE, not ABC Nightline in the United States.

“You get four times the pay of the United States president and I don’t mind this woman (Mary Hanafin) here who was elected by the people to be corrupt but who gave you and your cohorts such exaggerated pay under what condition, the licence fee.

“I’m going to leave this building now because at the moment this is the last time I will ever stay here.

“I’ve wanted to confront you for 20 years on your pontificating and your moralising. The minister can be removed from office. Where are you to be accountable, with your €600,000 – you’ve had your day Pat. You hypocrite. I don’t mind this Fianna Fail woman she’s elected to be a hypocrite.”

In a stinging reference to the presenter’s legal battle in the past, the heckler shouted: “Now I am going to sue an old woman for a field because I feel I might make a million or more.”

The man was led away while the cameras continued rolling and he continued yelling until he was out of the studio.

Kenny and Minister Hanafin were clearly bemused by the incident but the experienced broadcaster diffused the tension in the room.

“It’s fair to say that we give everyone a voice” Pat Kenny said to laughter from the remainder of the audience.