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You beauty! Sporty Holly grabs victory for the Irish

MISS Ireland Holly Carpenter (20) may not have proven to be Cian Healy's lucky charm over the weekend.

But at least he can console himself with the fact that she did beat the Welsh on St Patrick's Day -- in the 2012 Sports Relief challenge.

Fresh from completing her part in the gruelling challenge, which saw her having to row 27km, a delighted Holly tweeted a picture of herself beside the Ireland flag.

"That was amazing, beat the Welsh. I'm being a super hero here. Paddy's Day begins," she said.

She had flown in to Liverpool to join her team-mates on the last part of the seven-day challenge, which began in Dublin.


Holly, who has been dating Healy since last December, has spent the past few weeks training for her 27km rowing race. No doubt taking some tips from her Ireland player boyfriend on staying ahead of the competition, she told pals she was "gutted" after the boys in green lost their game.

But at least she could celebrate one small victory over the weekend, over her Welsh rivals.

The Sports Relief challenge saw well-known personalities including Amanda Byram and Craig Doyle take on England, Wales and Scotland in the event.

Other participants included celebrity gardener and Holly's uncle Diarmuid Gavin, ex- rugby internationals Paddy Johns, Shane Byrne, Niall Woods and Olympic silver medallist Sonia O'Sullivan.

The teams had signed up to run, race, cycle and sail their way across, through and over a 1,600km course.

After finally finishing the massive challenge, the group all headed down to Twickenham for the final leg of the Team Ireland event.

An exhausted Amanda, former rugby player Niall and Sonia were brought onto the pitch at half-time during the match while Holly waited in the wings.

The three leading members of Team Ireland were then presented with a prize for their sterling efforts.

TV presenter Amanda had revealed to the Diary how she was hoping that Prince Harry would have done the honours.

She explained how she had just a crush on the fun-loving blueblood, who was at the match on Saturday.

"One of the reasons I said 'yes' to the challenge is there was such camaraderie between us and such a patriotic thing to do," she said.

"Ending up in Twickenham in front of a 90,000-strong crowd was amazing. I would have been so excited if Prince Harry presented us with the award. I have just a little bit of a crush on him but at that point, I was so knackered anyway, it wouldn't have mattered."

After the crushing 30-9 defeat to England, she and her fellow celebs stayed on in Twickenham and vowed to have a good time anyway, regardless of the disappointing result.