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Yes, marriage could be on the cards - Rosanna

With several of her celebrity pals preparing to walk down the aisle this year, former Miss World Rosanna Davison has revealed that marriage could soon be on the cards for her and long-term beau, Wesley Quirke.

The blonde beauty, who will turn 26 next April, claims that she's now at an age where she's starting to think about settling down and having children.

Rosanna and her boyfriend of almost four years recently returned from a romantic Christmas getaway to Mauritius and appear to be more loved up than ever, following their brief split last year.

"It's a hard question to answer," she said, when asked about the prospect of a marriage proposal from her Quirkey's heir boyfriend.

"We're really happy right now. We've been together a few years, so it's a question for him really.

"I think certainly at my age (25) you have to look to the future and think about your relationships and what you want and when you want to settle down," she added.

It had been widely speculated in social circles that Wes might follow RTE presenter Brian Ormond and celebrity solicitor Gerald Kean's lead and propose to his other half over the New Year celebrations, after he was spotted checking out rings in a city centre jewellery store, prior to his holiday departure.

However model Rosanna is adamant that he did not go down on one knee during their sun getaway, insisting that she would be screaming it from the rooftops if the couple were actually engaged.

The Assets beauty admits she definitely wants to have children in the next few years and says she dreams of retiring to the country one day with her brood.

"I want the big country home with dogs and horses running around and children. I definitely want a family," she said.

And despite being known for her rather traditional views, the stunning daughter of Chris de Burgh hasn't ruled out starting a family before she walks down the aisle.

"If it happens that I was to marry first and have children after that, then I'd be very happy," she previously told the Herald. "But it wouldn't bother me if I had kids before marriage either.

"All that would matter to me is that they're healthy and born into a happy, stable environment."

Rosanna's future plans were far from her mind last night, however, as she modelled dresses for famous French fashion designer Basil Soda.

The former beauty queen was personally invited by the renowned style icon to fly to France to model dresses at his press showing at Paris Couture Week.

Rosanna is also due to wear one of the dresses to an Aids fundraiser at the Pavillion d'Amenville, Bois de Boulogne this evening.

Tomorrow, she will jet to Germany to attend Lambert's annual Chocolate and Fashion party in Cologne.