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Yes, I watched Tulisa's sex tape - Alesha sent it to me, admits Amanda

BRITAIN'S Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has admitted she couldn't help but watch X Factor judge Tulisa's infamous sex tape.

Holden said she took a peek at the x-rated video after fellow judge Alesha Dixon emailed her a link.

She confessed to chat show host Alan Carr that she had been very curious about the tape when it was leaked in March and that she eventually watched it when her fellow reality show panellist "Alesha sent [her] the link".

"It's a terrible thing to confess, but everyone wants to see it," Holden told Carr.

When Carr suggested that it may not have been Tulisa on the video, despite the X Factor star admitting that it was her, Amanda replied: "It was her."

Tulisa Contostavlos (23), who came top of FHM's Sexiest Women in the World chart this week, has admitted that the controversy surrounding the leaked tape had been "torture".

"I thought: 'The whole of the UK thinks I'm a slapper'," Tulisa told Carr last week.

"It has been torture for about eight months. I found out just before I started filming X Factor.

"So every day during X Factor I was absolutely s***ing myself because I didn't want anything like that out there."

Despite being warned not to comment on the tape, Tulisa owned up to it, so her fans knew that the man featured in it was her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards, alias MC Ultra, and not "some randomer".

She added that the video could "hardly be called a sex tape. Number one, because there was no sex involved in it. Number two, a 19-year-old who has just starting to learn to give blow-jobs and her boyfriend pulls out a video camera doesn't really class as a sex tape."

Tulisa has taken legal action against Edwards, although he has denied leaking it -- much to her disbelief.

While Tulisa feared the public's negative reaction to the tape, she has received thousands of messages of support. Former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole even reached out to her recently.

"I actually had a really nice text from her after my 'hoo-hah' a couple of weeks ago, offering her support."