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X Factor's Melanie vows to get Dundrum shoppers rocking

DUBLIN singer Melanie McCabe has revealed that she has been getting a lot more male attention since auditioning for The X Factor.

The Whitehall native has returned to school since being sent home from the Judges' Houses stage of the competition.

Speaking to the Herald, the schoolgirl admitted that her life is different now.

And boys paying her more attention is just one such example.

"X Factor was definitely a great platform for me. Everybody knows who I am now. I have been getting a lot more attention from boys since the show but I don't have a boyfriend or anything. A lot of guys come up to me now and say they recognise me from the show.

"But I'm quite confident anyway so I don't need to use the X Factor in that way, but it definitely does help," she said.

Melanie also says that speculation linking her romantically to Nu Vibe singer Stefan Romer is wide off the mark.

Melanie made the comments while launching this year's annual Shop and Rock event taking place in Dundrum Town Centre on Thursday, November 17.

The aspiring singer will perform to crowds at the shopping centre from 9pm and will be joined by electric violinist Tara Novak, The Late Late Show in-house band The Camembert Quartet and 1940s swing sensation The Bugle Babes.

Melanie says she still has plans to break into the music industry. She has just completed a charity single with some of the other X Factor contestants who didn't make the live shows. There is also talk of them doing a UK tour.

"Coming back home and going back to school has been a bit of a smack in the face after the X Factor, but I have a lot of other things on the horizon. I have been chatting with the other guys from the judges houses and we have been talking about going on a tour around England.

"I'll be doing some recording soon as well, so I really do have a lot to look forward to," she said.