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X Factor's Eoghan has sights set on TV role in Skins

X FACTOR star Eoghan Quigg plans to break into acting as his next career move -- and he's got his eye on a part in E4's popular show Skins.

The teenage heartthrob told the Herald that acting is something he'd really like to do in the future, even though singing is still one of his great passions.

"I love singing and I definitely want to do that, but it'd be cool to do a bit of acting. I could do a TV series."

He added: "I'd love to be an actor and work on a TV show, I think that would be pretty cool. I'd like to work on something cool like Skins."

The teenager, who shot to fame as a singing sensation on X Factor, performed onstage for the first time since Christmas at the Teenline Variety show in the Olympia theatre, where he told his fans never to give up on their dreams.

Eoghan assured a crowd of screaming girls that if he could do something "great" like X Factor, then anyone had a chance of achieving their dreams.

The teen is taking time out from performing on stage to focus on his studies, but he'll leave school this summer and will focus on a career in show business.

"I've been back at school so I've been caught up in the books, but I finish in two months. It's very different to what I was doing for the year before that, but it was actually cool to get back in."

Eoghan told the Herald that he's "never enjoyed school so much" and it's helping him to stay grounded, and to live the life of a normal teenager.

He added: "I'll get my exam results and I'll be 18 so I'll be turning into an adult, and I'll be writing a few songs."