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X Factor bins Shirlena's last song

TV bosses will not broadcast axed X Factor hopeful Shirlena Johnson's eccentric final performance on the show.

The single mother from east London left the hit ITV talent show after concerns were raised about her mental health.

An X Factor spokesman confirmed viewers will not see the performance recorded at the boot camp stage.

He said: "The decision to remove Shirlena was made after we recorded boot camp and Shirlena may therefore appear on camera as part of a wider group shot.

"Shirlena's individual performance will not be featured."

The now-canned footage shows the singer, clad in a leopard-print bra and hot pants, performing an eccentric version of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance in front of judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger.

Concerns about her health were raised after her first appearance on Saturday when she shrieked and wailed her way through a version of Duffy's Mercy that Cowell likened to a "musical exorcism".

It has been reported TV executives were accompanied by a psychologist when they broke the news to Johnson that she had to leave.

TV bosses will have been keen to avoid a repeat of the Susan Boyle saga which saw the singer admitted to the Priory Clinic after she was left exhausted by her sudden rise to international fame and unexpected defeat in Britain's Got Talent.

Johnson herself is said to be far from happy at the decision and has insisted she is "not mentally ill" and that being kicked off the X Factor was "a complete catastrophe".


"This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me," she later said.

She begged TV bosses to take her back, offering to undergo psychological tests to prove she can cope with the pressure.

In an interview in The Sun today, the singer said she would do "anything" to get back on the X Factor and criticised the decision to remove her. "I'm not crazy," she added.

Johnson insisted she could handle the pressures of being on the show.

She said: "They're worried I can't cope, but this has been the craziest week of my life and I'm still standing.

"I'm still trying to turn this around - I'm begging them to give me another chance."

Johnson added: "This decision could spoil my life and desires - I'm now labelled as a crazy person."

She told the newspaper that she is prepared to undertake psychological testing to prove that she cope with the pressures of the show.