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Wyclef calls for quake evacuation

Wyclef Jean has called for an evacuation of Haiti's earthquake-ravaged capital and is asking for international aid to help set up tent cities nearby.

The Haitian-born musician called for action in his homeland during a news conference in New York.

He envisaged temporary settlements housing 100,000 people each outside Port-au-Prince.

Grammy-winner Wyclef is one of Haiti's most famous sons and has been a prominent voice in relief efforts since the earthquake.

He has raised more than two million dollars through his charity, the Wyclef Jean Foundation, which is also known as Yele Haiti.

Earlier this week the star spoke out in defence of his foundation after charity screening groups raised concerns about its accounting practices.

The rapper said he was baffled by the timing and nature of criticism of the foundation.

He said in a statement: "It is impossible for me to even comprehend the recent attacks on my character and the integrity of my foundation - the fact that these attacks come as we are mobilised to meet the greatest human tragedy in the history of Haiti only serves to perplex me even further."

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