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Wowing a sea of famous faces with Vanilla Ice was amazing. He's like our best buddy now

Performing with Vanilla Ice at the National TV Awards in London was so cool, the best thing that has happened to us yet. It was so amazing because before we came on stage, everyone was sitting all quiet and not dancing.

Then as soon as we came out, everyone was on their feet cheering and clapping for us. We looked out from the stage at the O2 arena and it was a sea of famous faces, people who didn't know who we were a year ago and they were there going mad for us.

We had loads of props to make it look extra cool, we had fire, dry ice and our dancing was top-notch. It was all put together in three days and we had some amazing choreography for our routine.

We looked back at it on YouTube and we were like 'Wow, that was us.' The atmosphere was so good in the arena, it was a night we'll never forget. We weren't nervous at all before going out on stage but when we came off, we were hyper.


Everyone's been asking us about Vanilla Ice and he was such a nice guy. We met him for the first time on Tuesday and we were chilling out with him all day. He was such a gentleman, he was practising the whole routine with us the day before. He wrote his song when he was 16 years old and it's still a massive hit. We thought he was going to be this real tough, rapper guy but he's the nicest ever. He's into mad stuff like Motorcross and breakdancing -- he's like our best buddy now. We have recorded the new single with him, a mixture of Ice, Ice Baby and Under Pressure. It's coming out in January 31 and will be on the shelves first in Ireland.

It was great that X Factor won the award for the most popular talent show as it gave us a bigger boost on the night.

Simon Cowell came up to us afterwards and said 'well done' to us so we were chuffed. It was like a reunion with everyone from the programme, as we were chatting away to Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole.

Some people say we stole the show but we weren't competing with Joe McElderry. We did our thing and he did his and you can only do your best -- we're not rivals.

We went to the aftershow party but we don't drink, so we were on the water all night. We had to go through the room where the party was to film for ITV2 and everyone was talking about our performance and singing the song to us. It was good fun but we're not into all that -- we had to go straight back to our hotel afterwards and pack for our early flight back to Dublin yesterday morning.

We did a photocall for the eircom StudyHub in the Mansion House and even though it was lashing rain, we could see some fans looking through the railings outside for the photocall. We always treat our fans well, we have a lot of respect for them as they're the reason we are where we are. We do all these meet and greets and all the girls are going crazy, giving us hugs and stuff. It's the best feeling where you arrive somewhere and they're standing there with posters of our faces and asking us to sign autographs and things. It's so mad thinking that just a year ago, we were still in our running shorts and trainers, going to school, and now everyone knows our name.

We're doing loads of shows over in Britain this morning, we've done about 70 appearances since we've left X Factor. The one we're really looking forward to is going on the Jonathan Ross programme -- he's a big hero of ours so we can't wait to meet him and have a proper chat.

We've got loads more stuff lined up this weekend as we're flying back to England and won't be home again until February 7.


We've been watching a lot of Celebrity Big Brother, so it was so cool to go on the Little Brother show recently.

We're glad now that we turned down the offer to be contestants.

It would have been too soon after X Factor and we want to keep our options open as we've been so busy with promotional work and recording our new album. It wasn't the right time. It was cool to go backstage in the Big Brother house though and watch them all through the glass.

We wanted to call out to Stephen Baldwin from somewhere he couldn't see us and go 'This is God!' or something and tell him to cop on and stop making out he's all pure and clean when he's not!

Jedward were in Dublin this week to launch eircom's StudyHub, www.eircom studyhub.ie