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Wonderful message from Jodi meant so much to me

WONDERLAND broke up three years ago, but the girls and I still keep in touch and it was so nice when my old bandmate Jodi Albert emailed me during the week to congratulate me on the win.

Even though she's so busy with her own career, as well as raising baby Koa and supporting her husband Kian Egan, she took the time to send me a really long message, which meant a lot to me.


She said she's so proud because she knows how much it means to me. She wished me luck and hopefully we're going to meet up soon. We're going to try and get in touch shortly and have a proper catch up.

I've received so many texts and phone calls as well over the past few days, it's been overwhelming.

I'm soaking it all up and giving myself a bit of time to take it in, but from next week I'll be all systems go with my new healthy eating and fitness regime to make sure I'm in the best shape I can be in when I fly over to Denmark.