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Wish I was there Kathryn can't shake off the travel bug

IT'S almost a year since her popular series No Frontiers was axed by RTE but presenter Kathryn Thomas still hasn't shaken the travel bug.

The bubbly broadcaster has told the Herald she will be disappearing from the airwaves for the month of June, when she takes off for Africa.

Kathryn (32) explained how she will be combining her love of travel with work when she visits various destinations across the continent this summer.

The Carlow presenter will be bringing the cameras with her for some of the journey, to film as she does some volunteer work for charity organisation Self-Help Africa, but admits she is not sure yet when the footage will make it on to the small screen.

"I'm hoping to take off for Africa for the month of June. I'll combine a bit of work and travel while I'm there. I'm going to do a week or so with Self Help Africa because I've done some work with them before and I'll take my cameras.


"I'm definitely going to disappear off for a week on my own and have a bit of a holiday while I'm there."

The globetrotting star went on to explain how she has just returned from a week-long break in New York, where she also had a chance to dabble in some travel writing.

"My best friend lives over there so I would generally go over about twice a year to see her," she said.

"I'm going to write a piece for the RTE Guide on how to save your pennies over there.

"I stopped off in London for a few days on the way home so I'm just kind of getting back to reality now."

Next week will see Kathryn go head to head with her good pal Ryan Tubridy when she fills in for John Murray on his RTE Radio One morning show.

Kathryn also hopes to be busy with Operation Transformation during the summer.

"Nothing is confirmed yet but we're hoping to do a revisit programme," she said.

"It would be great to see how all the guys are getting on with their plan since the series finished.

"After all the hard training and hard work they put in I think people would be interested to see how they're getting on now."

This evening, she is due at the Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse to chair The Dubliner magazine's 'Big Ideas for Dublin.'

The Dubliner's Annmarie O'Connor, Asheesh Dewan, owner of Jaipur, Rediscover Fashion's Sarah Miller, nightclub owner Robbie Fox, councillor Killian Forde and political adviser Derek Mooney are all set to take part.

"I'm really looking forward to it because I've done a couple of the Dubliner debates before but I've never actually chaired one. I've always envied the chairperson's position -- you get to sit and interject and listen.

"There are a couple of interesting people so I'm sure we can look forward to some interesting arguments."