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Winslet: I 'believe in marriage'

Kate Winslet says she still believes in marriage.

The Oscar-winning actress still has faith in the idea of marriage, despite splitting with two husbands over the years.

She told US Glamour that she has no idea whether or not she will tie-the-knot again, but said: "I am a big believer in marriage".

Kate and American Beauty director Sam Mendes announced the end of their marriage in 2010, after seven years together.

The actress was previously married to Jim Threapleton for three years from 1998.

Asked whether she still found marriage appealing, she said: "That's a question I definitely can't answer... but of course I believe in marriage. Commitment to one other person in life is glorious."

The Revolutionary Road actress has topped Glamour magazine's Most Glam list for the third time in a row.

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