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Will Rihanna join Rude Boy Brown for a Dublin date?

AMERICAN singer Chris Brown (24) is the original Rude Boy. And the Diary can reveal how speculation is now rife that his superstar beau Rihanna (23) will join him for his Irish show after she posted an intimate picture of the singer on her social networking page.

The on/off pair have been at the centre of rumours over the past few months that their controversial romance is back on.

Neither singer would confirm that they had rekindled their romance when asked in recent interviews, given his 2009 conviction for assaulting her.

However, the Umbrella star -- who's performing at the Aviva next June -- appeared to give everyone the proof they needed over the weekend after posting a picture of him on her Twitter page.

The snap, taken in Berlin, showed him topless and lying over a hotel bed with his jeans pulled down. Given that the Beautiful People star is surrounded by Simpsons memorabilia, Rihanna captioned it 'Bart Obsessed', sending the rumour mill into overdrive.

Now tongues are wagging about whether she'll join him at his Irish concert at Dublin's O2 on December 3.

Clearly not deterred by his bad-boy behaviour, she has been spotted in his company countless times over the past number of months.