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Will new dating show presenter be Mairead or Jen? Eh, neither

IT was the dating show that reportedly had Jennifer Maguire and Mairead Farrell at each other's throats -- but the Herald can reveal that RTE's new dating show A Date With Fate will be presenter-less.

"There will be no on-screen presenter," producer Carrie Nathan told the Herald.

"There never was going to be a presenter and I don't know where the suggestion of Mairead Farrell or Jennifer Maguire came from."


And Today FM's Mairead confirmed that she also knew nothing about the show.

"The first I heard about the dating show was when I read the papers," Mairead told the Herald.

"I laughed out loud when I saw it," the mum-of-one said. "It said that me and Jennifer Maguire were fighting, that we were at loggerheads for a job I hadn't heard anything about. I think it's all very funny. I knew nothing about the show and me and Jen get on great."

While there won't be any on-screen talent, the show will have some voice over. And the producers are currently in discussion with Brendan O'Carroll's daughter, the actress Fiona O'Carroll, to do the job.

"We're chatting with Fiona O'Carroll about the voice-over but nothing has been tied down yet," Ms Nathan told the Herald. "She's a great actress, with a great voice; she's actually been in Mrs Brown's Boys."

A Date With Fate is being produced by Tyrone Productions and is billed as a light-hearted dating show that "takes the chance out of love".

The show gives single men and women a glimpse into their dating future to see what their love life has in store for them.

Based on the future findings, the singleton will pick their potential date.

And Tyrone, whose other production credits include OMG! Jedward's Dream Factory, has already started looking for hopeless romantics.

"The closing date for contestants is next week," producer Carrie said. "I think it's a great way to find Mr or Mrs Right."

While Mairead may not be presenting this particular dating show, she said that she would be interested in hosting one in the future.

"If they are talking about one in the future, yeah of course I'd throw my name in. I do a lot of dating and relationship stuff with Ray [D'Arcy] so it would definitely appeal to me."


Either way, Mairead has her hands full at the moment with The Movie Show and Today FM.

"I think I've got the balance right," she said. "Today FM have kindly given me Mondays off which is great. I love working with Ray and on the new show, it's a really exciting time."

To apply for A Date With Fate email datewithfate@ tyroneproductions.ie