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Will Grainne's beau join her perfect family Christmas?

RTE presenter Grainne Seoige has a busy festive season planned, "eating sherry trifle and watching TV".

The 38-year-old brunette told the Herald that she can't wait to tuck into mountains of mince pies and sherry trifles over the Christmas holidays.

"I'm going back home. Down to Spiddal to spend the holidays with my family," she said.

A big family Christmas is Grainne's idea of perfection, and she's thrilled that sister Sile and 19-year-old son Conall will also be spending the holidays in the wild west.

"Conall will definitely be coming to the West. He'll be off from college. It's a big family Christmas -- it's a great day."


The Crimecall presenter didn't reveal whether her partner, rugby coach Leon Jordaan would also be joining the Seoige family for Christmas dinner, but says that Leon feels totally at home in Galway.

"He lived here for three years before I knew him and coached Corinthians Rugby Club."

The pair met through a mutual friend over a year ago and are clearly smitten.

"I am in love and it really is a wonderful feeling for someone to have your back," she said. "I am very happy, he is a great guy. This happened when I was really not looking for it, not expecting it."