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Why Tommy is literally a flying winger now...

RUGBY ace Tommy Bowe may already be a star to his legion of fans, but that hasn't stopped him taking to the skies to fufill a long-held dream.

As if his rugby star status wasn't appealing enough, winger Bowe has resumed taking lessons to get his pilot's licence.

The Herald can reveal that the lusted-after Ospreys hunk, whose team takes on Leinster tonight, is back training at the Gower Flight Centre in Swansea in a bid to pass his flying test, which is his New Year's resolution.

A source close to the 26-year-old, revealed: "He took up flying last summer and it's something he is very passionate about.

"He hasn't had much time to do it lately but he's very keen to get his pilot's licence this year so he has loads of lessons lined up this week."

And the Irish international hero is clearly very proud of his sky high skills as he tweeted a picture of himself during a flying lesson yesterday. The 6ft 3ins player, who hails from Monaghan, also told his followers: "A great flight today, can't believe I haven't been up for over three months! Can't wait to get up again on Wednesday."

Tommy previously revealed how he was inspired by Ospreys team mate Ian Gough to take to the skies.

"It's definitely something different and it's great fun. I'd love to have a licence to be a pilot.

"A few of the Irish lads are interested in planes but whenever I offer to take them up they don't seem too keen.

"It's not dangerous and unless something freakish happens, I feel safe in the sky."

The rugby ace took to the new skill like a duck to water.


After only 12 hours or so of flying time, the Irish star was all set to take the controls on his own.

In fact, he's already taken off and landed solo.

"This is my new thing now," he explains. "Hopefully, I can get to Irish training easier rather than driving back and forward to Cardiff Airport!

"Ian has a pilot's licence and he got me into it. I've been flying a little Black Licorice. It's definitely something outside of rugby I'm interested in.

"I need something to take my mind of the game sometimes. It comes from my degree and I've done a little course since as well," he said.