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Why three's company at Kathryn's love nest

They say three's a crowd, but that's certainly not the case when it comes to RTE star Kathryn Thomas' living arrangements.

The Diary can reveal the No Frontiers host has just moved her sister Linda into her newly refurbished Dublin 8 home, which she shares with boyfriend Enda Waters.

The loved-up couple have been together more than three years and moved into their three-bedroom house last summer after spending more than six months redecorating the place.

And while Kathryn admits she and her sister fought like cat and dog when they were younger, she is delighted to boast that the two have never been closer than they are right now.

"Linda's going to be staying with us for the next while and I have to say I'm loving having her around," she said.

"Enda doesn't mind at all, the pair of them get on great and it's nice to have some use for our guest room after putting so much work into it.

"There have been no arguments yet; myself and Linda get on brilliantly nowadays. It's funny -- we used to kill each other when we were kids, but now she's one of my best friends," she added.

The siblings are so close now that Linda even featured on a travel segment to Greece in the opening episode of the current series of No Frontiers.

Kathryn, who also presents Winning Streak alongside Marty Whelan, went on to explain that she's fed up being asked when she and her Garda beau will get engaged.

"I've lost count of the amount of times I've been asked about a proposal," she said. "I just find it funny at this stage.

"I mean, I would expect that I'd be the last person to know if he was about to propose.

"That's how it's meant to work, anyway," she laughed.