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Why Roz wants to forget about her own crazy debs

SHE may be judging Ireland's Ultimate Debutante for TV3, but Roz Purcell has admitted that her own debs dress was far from perfect.

"My debs was only three years ago," the 22-year-old said, "and I think if I was doing it again, I would do it so differently. I definitely would have worn a different dress."

The Tipperary native said her dress was too tight and too short.

"The one I wore to my own debs was so short. It was above the knee and was quite tight," she said.

Roz was a big fan of US hit series Desperate Housewives at the time, and said she was influenced by Eva Longoria's character Gabrielle.

"It was around the time Desperate Housewives was on and I remember Eva Longoria had this really nice emerald green dress on in one of the episodes and I wanted to copy that.

"But looking back I think long and classic is always the way to go."

There was, however, one advantage to wearing a mini dress.

"I didn't trip over my dress which was a good thing," Roz said.

But the model turned TV presenter says her debs was an evening she'd like to forget.

"Oh God, I would rather forget all about it. The girls on the TV3 show are pretty respectable but my debs was crazy. I don't drink so I didn't go that wild but it was a mad night."

Luckily, Roz is a bit of a veteran when it comes to debutante balls and dresses.

"I'd already gone to four debs before my own one so mine wasn't actually that important to me. The first one I went to was special because it was with my long term boyfriend, but by the time I was going to my own I didn't want to think about it."