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Why Pamela won't be walking down aisle any time soon

RTE presenter Pamela Flood and long-term beau Ronan Ryan will not be following the lead of other celebrity couples by walking down the aisle this year.

The former Off The Rails star -- who is notoriously private about her relationship with the Town Bar and Grill restaurateur -- has finally broken her silence about her romance of over two years.

Pamela (39), who shares a home with her handsome boyfriend on Dublin's southside, explained that she has no immediate plans to wed, but hasn't ruled out the possibility of tying the knot in the future.

"I'll never say never," she told the Diary. "There's definitely no plans for marriage at the moment, but you never know, it could happen yet.

"I was never the girl who dressed up in a white dress and fantasised about having a wedding and walking down the aisle in front of hundreds of people when I was younger.

"It just wasn't something I ever thought about really. That's not to say that I wouldn't enjoy all of that if it happened.

"But it's not hugely important on my list of priorities," she added.

Pamela's comments about marriage come just weeks after Ronan opened up about their romance for the first time.

He insisted the couple had no interest in trying to gain column inches by speaking about their relationship and revealed that they have never been photographed together since finding love two years ago.

"The photograph of us that is always used was taken before we had got together," he said.

"It's not us being precious. We just don't do it."

Meanwhile, Pamela said she's been keeping a low profile recently, given that she's enjoying a three-month sabbatical from her job with RTE.


The glamorous blonde said she's planning to make the most of the good weather by enjoying a staycation during her time off.

According to the former Miss Ireland winner: "I finished up with the Lotto in June so I've three months off now to relax. I haven't made any plans yet and to be honest, I don't think I'll be going away anywhere.

"The good thing about work being quiet lately is that you don't feel the same stresses and strains as when you're working constantly, so I don't need a holiday as desperately as I might have in the past."

Pamela stepped out yesterday to support a cause close to her own heart when she joined Senator David Norris and fellow RTE star Maura Derrane to launch the Dublin SPCA's unique sustainable charity model for animal welfare.

The animal-loving media personality said she's planning to get involved with the charity on a long-term basis by offering her services as a volunteer.

She went on to explain how she adopted her own dog Dexter from the animal sanctuary last year and said he now gets along famously with her two pets cats.