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Why our Rosanna said no to Playboy -- for now at least

Rosanna Davison says she won't be stripping down for Playboy... yet.

The blonde beauty (26) has no plans to quit her lucrative catwalk career -- but admits revealing all is something she would consider down the line.

"Playboy did approach me last year but I just don't feel like it's the right time for me," Rosanna said.

"I haven't said no, but I just thought last year I'd worked in projects around Europe, and I didn't want that to affect it.

"I think if you start doing those magazines then you get stereotyped very quickly, and I don't want to do that, so maybe in a couple of years."

And the Herald columnist insist she will be staying in Ireland, despite speculation that she had plans to move abroad. Although she has just been signed to a new agency in Germany, which is set to see her profile soar across Europe, she is staying put in the capital.

"I'm perfectly happy here in Dublin, I've worked very hard for the success I've had," she said. In fact, the former Miss World is still settling into her first home with her boyfriend of nearly five years, Wesley Quirke.

The high-profile pair made the move into their first home together in Cabinteely late last year. Rosanna went on to explain how she spent a quiet Easter weekend at home with her family in Enniskerry.

This week Rosanna sets off on a promotional tour around the country with author Marisa Mackle to publicise their second book, Lucy Goes To Hollywood, which she has illustrated.


She is also gearing up for a TV career, and has been a regular on our screens in recent weeks and earlier this year, with appearances on a number of programmes, including Jason Byrne's celebrity disguise show Anonymous.

She was transformed into a geeky student named Aideen Cowley -- and managed to fool everybody, from her good pal Pippa O'Connor to her father Chris de Burgh, with her nerdy look.

"It was really liberating to step into a whole different character and I was really impressed with the talent of the guys that put on the prosthetic face," she said.