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Why my proposal to Rita was such a hard pill to swallow

RTE star Daithi O Se has revealed how he had to delay his proposal to fiancee Rita Talty when his attempts to keep his plans under wraps backfired spectacularly.

The Daily Show presenter explained how he landed himself in hot water when he made up a story about needing laxatives from the nearby pharmacy in order to throw Rita off the scent as he collected her engagement ring.

Daithi (34) admits he had never intended to take them, but couldn't avoid it when Rita insisted.


According to the Kerry-born star: "The thing was I didn't want Rita to know that I was picking the ring up so I texted Rita's brother, Mike and asked him to ask me how I'm feeling when I came in the door.

"So when I arrived Mike said 'How are you feeling?' and I said 'Jesus, Mike, I'm fierce blocked up there, I think I'll go down to the chemist there to get some laxatives.'

"We went down and got the ring but I said I'd better get the laxatives as well because knowing Rita she'd be asking.

"I arrived back and she said take one and I said 'No no, I'll take one before I go to bed and it will be rock and roll then in the morning'.

"But she insisted I take them then so I had to take two laxatives and they were the extra strength ones.

"An hour later then I had to excuse myself from the table," he laughed during his appearance on RTE's Saturday Night With Miriam last weekend.

Daithi's bride-to-be Rita explained how she was amused by his unusual excuse and believes he should have told her he had a sore throat instead.

The former New Jersey Rose also revealed how her love for the television presenter blossomed via Facebook.

The couple first met at the Rose of Tralee Festival in 2008 while Rita was a contestant and Daithi was a judge.

Daithi explained how his future mother-in-law still hadn't forgiven him after Rita missed out on the crown to that year's winner, Aoife Kelly.

It took two years before the couple had an opportunity to meet again in Rita's New Jersey home.


"We didn't see each other too much during it (the Rose of Tralee Festival) but sometimes we would speak," Rita explained.

"It was after the Rose of Tralee was over that we chatted -- all through Facebook.

"It got to the stage where we were talking every day," she added.

Rita moved to Dublin last September to be with the Montrose presenter, with Daithi proposing last June as Gaeilge while holidaying in New Jersey.