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Why Jedward cut no ice with Stuart

The Diary's guessing that former Hollyoaks hunk Stuart Manning won't be rushing out to buy Jedward's debut single Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) later this week.

The actor jetted into Dublin this week for the premiere of The Lovely Bones' at the Savoy and catch up with some old pals.

And judging by his comments about the twins, it's probably lucky for the X Factor stars that they didn't join him Down Under on I'm A Celebrity ... .

"I'm so glad they didn't do the show in the end -- I couldn't have handled them in there at all. I probably would have ended up killing them!" he joked. "They have to be the most annoying idiots I've ever met in my life. I'm not slagging off the Irish here but I have to be honest. I think they're just two boys who can't sing with weird hair. Simon Cowell got it spot on about them from the start."

Luckily for him, he got on much better with some of the other celebrity participants including celeb chef Gino di Campo, Sam Fox and George Hamilton.

He explained how he's shortly going to meet up with his old movie star pal as he's jetting off to LA for another round of castings.