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Why I regret all those game shows -- Brucie

Light entertainment king Bruce Forsyth said he regrets doing so many game shows, branding them "money for old rope".

The 82-year-old, who has enjoyed a primetime TV career spanning more than half a century fronting family favourites like Play Your Cards Right, The Generation Game and Bruce's Price Is Right, described himself as the "laziest person in the world".

The catchphrase-loving star, who has been in talks to stay on as Strictly Come Dancing's host, told the Radio Times that doing game shows means being able to polish off a series in two weeks -- "then take as much time off as you like".


Forsyth said that hosting the shows enabled him to spend time with his wife Wilnelia, a former Miss World.

The veteran entertainer said: "I regret doing so many game shows, but I started when I met Wilnelia, and we love spending time together. You can do a series in two weeks. Then take as much time off as you like. Money for old rope. People don't understand I can be the laziest person in the world.

"In Puerto Rico I eat well, and lounge in the shade on the beach reading lots of books, mostly courtroom dramas."

The interview did not name which game shows Forsyth regretted doing.

The Strictly host also revealed he took a pay cut last year, and vowed he was "not doing a Christine Bleakley".

He said: "I've never discussed it, but I took a cut last year, before anyone else.

"The BBC won't disclose individual salaries. The last thing you want is people being competitive about them."

Forsyth said he had a couple more meetings to go about the eighth series of Strictly, "but it's going well".