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Why don't girls like me?

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison has opened her heart about the bitchiness she endures from other women.

The gorgeous model has revealed that the reason she often prefers chewing the fat with her guy friends is because they tend to be less frosty towards her than the fairer sex.

Rosanna, who partied in Germany with the Pussy Cat's Nicole Scherzinger this week, has admitted that reactions to her definitely changed after she won the coveted crown in 2003. Even six years on, she still encounters women who react differently to her.

"Sometimes women can be a little bit funny with me and I found that when I went back to college the year after [my win]. I was very lucky in that I had my tight-knit group of close friends there, but I did find that women who have previously chatted away to me in the toilets when they knew nothing about me, wouldn't come up to me so easily," she said.


"Even now I still feel it's easier for me to talk to men than to women, because women are less predictable than men. I don't want to generalise, it's just my personal experience."

The daughter of singer Chris de Burgh went on to say that, occasionally, she does get people trying to have a go at her because of who she is.

"I don't dwell on them. More often than not, it's at two in the morning and there's someone singing Lady in Red in my ear, but I take it in a good-humoured way. I don't pay attention," she continued.

However, speaking in an interview with 2FM's Will Leahy, she hit out at some other celebrities' ostentatious behaviour, especially given the current economic doom and gloom.

"It would be in poor taste now to be seen falling out of a nightclub with a bottle of champers in your hand. I would certainly never go in that direction," she explained.

The UCD graduate, who got a first-class honours degree and was offered a PhD scholarship, also said how it was that "silly stereotype" that all models were dumb that inspired her to push herself.

"It was those kind of stereotypes that spurred me on academically and made me want to achieve everything I wanted," she added.

And even though she was pictured sporting a giant sparkler on her finger last week, setting off rumours that she and boyfriend Wes Quirke could be swapping vows, she ruled out giving up her whirlwind life to settle down.

"Certainly not at the moment -- that freaks me out!" she laughed. "It was just a slow news week. There was something in the papers about me wearing this big rock or something, and Wesley had booked a holiday to go to Orlando with some friends and he went the day after. We were joking that he was fleeing the country when those rumours came out. But he just laughs it off."

She revealed that she now hopes to branch out into TV and do some more writing in the future. "I have lots of different plans," she added.