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Who ya gonna call? An ambulance -- Jedward star hurt in onstage tumble

JEDWARD twin Edward Grimes is recovering today following a fall on stage which left him with a knee injury and torn ligaments.

Edward (18) fell awkwardly after jumping on stage while performing Ghostbusters. The pair were performing at a T4 On The Beach event in Weston Super Mare, in south-west England.

Festival-goers jeered as Edward, who was grimacing in pain, was carried on a stretcher to a nearby ambulance, followed closely by his twin brother John.

Edward tripped and fell on stage during their performance of Ghostbusters, which was screened live on TV.

Brave Edward tried to carry on but, not surprisingly, he was in great pain and could barely make his way off stage.

Ambulance staff gave the Dublin teenager gas and oxygen as they treated him for twisted ligaments.

He was then rushed to a nearby hospital where he underwent treatment.

"It's pretty bad -- he's in agony," a spokesperson said.

But initial fears that he'd broken his leg were unfounded.

Despite his bad fall, the brothers bravely tried to carry on with their routine.

One onlooker said: "He got back on stage and was trying to sing the "Who ya gonna call?" bit from Ghostbusters but he kept bursting in to tears.

"His leg was disfigured, then a little bit later he went pale and had to kneel down, crying. He hopped around with his leg sort of hanging off for the rest of it. It was horrible."

Edward's brother John was described as "pale and shaken" following his twin brother's accident.

The boys hit the big time following their success on X Factor.

They have completed sold-out tours in both the UK and Ireland, and recently announced details for their second Irish tour.