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Who needs minders ... as Whoopi calls in the Guards

HOLLYWOOD star Whoopi Goldberg was forced to call gardai after being pestered by a Dublin "bonehead".

The actress was in town to receive an honorary patronage from Trinity College's Philosophical Society.

But it all got a bit too much as she was mobbed by fans when she went shopping on Grafton Street.

The Sister Act star later told how she got "really p***ed off" after one man continued to pester her for a photograph after she had already turned him down, and he then proceeded to follow her and her daughter.

They took refuge in a shoe shop on Wicklow Street, but the man disappeared when gardai arrived.


Addressing students in Trinity on the downside of fame, she explained how she offers to shake fans' hand rather than stop for a photograph.

When the actress told the fan that she could not pose for a photo, he said: "Well, I'm going to follow you. That's no way to treat your fans."

She said afterwards: "He forgot it was my right to do what I want to do.

"You should acknowledge the people who give a s*** about you. We went to get the cops, which was probably the right way to do it.

"I've just stopped smoking cigarettes so he's really lucky," she laughed.

Ms Goldberg (53), who wore red rubber clogs she bought on her shopping trip, spent over an hour talking to students, answering questions, and even singing an off-the-cuff ditty she created for the occasion.

The actress, who has bagged an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy and a Tony Award, said her Phil Soc gold medal outshone the rest.

"This surpasses just about any award and let me explain to you why -- because it was so unexpected. I never expected to be invited here to Trinity in my life and it's a big deal because I grew up in the projects.

"To be able to go to another country, and experience people from that country, is kind of great for someone who doesn't have a college or high school diploma," she said.

She made her film debut in The Colour Purple, and appeared in a host of films known to Irish fans including Sister Act.