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Who are you to judge model show, Peter?

I'm delighted to see Hannah Devine, the Irish beauty who's doing so well in the current Next Top Model show on Sky, standing up to the whingeing of Irish designer Peter O'Brien.

He's blasted the show for being "not about fashion -- it's only about good television. It's all about bickering and backbiting for TV audiences".

Hannah, who has now reached the final ten in the contest, quite rightly points out that shows such as this are a great leg-up for aspiring models.

"It's done nothing but good for my skills and confidence," she said. "What I have learned will help me."

She might also have pointed out that such a criticism would be monstrously hypocritical if it had come from someone who had themselves recently been a judge on a similar show, which featured a panel of experts hamming it up for the cameras while looking for an up and coming fashion designer.

Someone like Peter O'Brien on Style Wars, for example...