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While Brian's off playing with the Lions, Amy cuddles up to koala

AMY Huberman is getting up close and personal with the Aussie natives.

The 34-year-old actress has posted a picture of herself online snuggling a fluffy koala.

Amy was visiting a wildlife sanctuary when she was snapped cradling the adorable marsupial.

Beside the photo she wrote, 'What happens on tour stays on tour'. She also shared a snap of a Tasmanian Devil running about an enclosure.

The wife of Lions rugby player Brian O'Driscoll is currently in Australia cheering on her husband and enjoying a girly holiday with her cousin Noeleen and baby daughter Sadie.

Travelling with a four-month-old baby to Melbourne was never going to be easy and Amy says things got a little messy en route.

"So that journey was pretty much like a dirty protest in a Cambodian jail 35k ft in the air," she posted. "But we're here. With s*** in our hair. G'day."

Before she left, Amy said she intended to soak up the sun and enjoy the Australian countryside during her three-week stay. "I've been before and I loved it," she told the Herald. "There is so much to do and see. We'll hire a car and drive around."

"I'm going with Sadie," she said. "Not that she'll remember any of it. When she's older I'll have to remind her and say, 'I brought you to all the way to Australia. You're welcome'."


While Amy may be visiting wildlife parks, husband Brian has been assigned babysitting duties when he's off the pitch.

"I went back to the hotel on Saturday night after only my second match victory for the Lions. And how did I celebrate? A wild party with a good few drinks?" he asked.

"Not quite. I spent a lot of time walking down the hotel corridor trying to get Sadie to sleep."

But Brian admits he's not the party animal he once was.

"I remember 12 years ago celebrating in the City Rowers here in Brisbane, having a few drinks, a great night. But I struggle after games these days.

"I feel drained. It was a beer or two in the team room, looking after herself, then off to bed."