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Which stars will burn brightly and fade away?

It was only the first night of Fade Street -- but already we can spot who's likely to be the star.

Last night, RTE's take on MTV reality TV show The Hills introduced us to four girls living the high life in Dublin.

We meet Vogue and Louise and as for first impressions of the girls -- stunning with glowing tans and blonde luscious locks. Typical Irish girls? I think not!

Louise is the very confident one, nearly cocky or snobby. She's clearly meant to be the main character and the country is supposed to fall in love with her.

Vogue is the model of the group -- tall, blonde and gorgeous, and beats the model stereotype with a degree in quantity surveying. Dani, who becomes Louise's new room mate, is the edgier, more punk rock, character in the programme.

She seems to be the most down to earth out of the girls. She's up from the country and ready to make her stamp on the Irish music industry with her internship at MCD Productions.

She strikes us as being the most appealing to the men who appear in the show. Oh wait, she has a boyfriend, possible upcoming storyline? We'll have to wait and see!

We've yet to meet the fourth girl, Cici. She makes a short appearance, but hopefully she'll add some diversity to the group.

The show didn't live up to its potential in this first programme. When The Hills hit our screens in 2006 it was a huge hit with teenage girls. Fade Street seemed staged and unoriginal. We'll just hope that next weeks episode isn't as lack lustrous as the first one!